Digital Journalism and Coding

During her undergraduate career, Esther worked to cultivate her digital and coding skills. Through a variety of computer science and digital journalism courses, Esther gained expansive experience with various digital forms.

During her tenure as Online Editor for her student newspaper, the Blue & Gray Press, Esther worked closely with the WordPress platform, domain building and HTML/CSS coding.

In the spring of 2018 she took an Intro to Digital Studies course with Professor Zach Whalen at the University of Mary Washington. This class involved various projects which required interacting with different digital programs to create interesting and innovative content.

These projects were extensive and the instructor required numerous progress reports and a final reflection of the assignments. Because of this aspect of the course, Esther created a subdomain that holds all these projects in a digital portfolio. While these projects may not be of the same style as Esther’s articles and senior theses, they are important reflections of the expansive experience she has with the digital world.